ENRGY MADE THIS ONE!!! This is the real Enrgy. A producer from Flint, Mi. Enrgy has been producing since before he could remember. He was about 3 years old when he made his first beat. He started producing on PlayStation 1 using the MTV Music Generator. He learned so much from that program. He learned how to sample. He learned about measures and bars. He also noticed that every program after that was essentially the same. Since then he's never stopped working at trying to create his sound. He listened to a lot of other sounds and was heavily influenced by Metro Boomin', Young Chop, and Zaytoven. The burgeoning Detroit scene offered the latest influence on Enrgy's sound and from there he incorporated his signature approach to all of theses influences and created an up tempo and fast paced sound that is all his own.  We're starting to hear Enrgy influence all across America as he has single handedly changed the pulse of the culture.


His sound is catching fire in the industry with powerful collaborations from Rio Da Yung Og culminating with the biggest song of his career so far 'Legendary'. Along with frequent collaborators YSR Gramz and Krispylife Kidd, Enrgy is proving to be exactly what his name is pure Enrgy. His sound is behind the emerging viral hits "Coochie" by YN Jay and Louie Ray along with the smash by BFB Da Packman feat. Sada Baby "Free Joe Exotic". His sound is actually helping to create stars!! All I can say is watch out because this is only the beginning of a legend in the making. It's now 2021 and Enrgy is heating up the streets with his enrgetic sound and entering the Billboard Charts for the first time with EST GEE's "5500 Degrees" (feat. Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, and Rylo Rodriguez). Give him time and the entire Univrse will be all his.