City On My Back

As Rio like to say "This shit onna Flo!!" Who would have thought a little over a year ago we'd be anticipating one of our own from Flint's debut label release with such vigor?

A few people knew what was about to happen. Namely Peezy from Detroit that gave Rio a big co-sign before he had to do some fed time. But besides him there were artists, producers, and videographers that might have felt his genius in Flint but had no way of launching him to the status that the co-sign from Peezy eventually led to.

Make no mistake about the co-sign. As we all can see now this was a very legitimate co-sign to a relatively unknown outside of Flint at the time. The connection to Peezy and Rio came through a frequent collaborator from Flint, Louie Ray, which happens to be Rio's older brother. Louie Ray introduced Peezy to Rio and their relationship grew from there.

Rio did a song called "Freestyle" with a beat from Treonthebeat and a video from Michael Kidd. This video coincided with the co-sign from Peezy. Then he continued to record and put out more videos. Rio went to jail in early '19 and heard about the success of his videos and couldn't believe it himself. This is the point where he started taking music serious. The video to "Lucid Nightmare" featuring RMC Mike along with production from The Slap Squad general himself Bamondabeat was an instant smash. This was the beginning of the chemistry we all see between Rio and Mike which ended up being the Dumb and Dumb3r series. The series that helped launch ENRGY BEATS to acclaim.

Starting as soon as he was released from jail, Rio started applying pressure. He dropped Testers 1 and 2 first then the Dumb and Dumb3r series with RMC Mike, 2 Faced, and the Collaboration with Lil E Professional Shit Talking. They all went hard. Adding legendary status to his name and following.

The Dumb and Dumb3r series was the introduction to ENRGY BEATS collaborating with Rio and Mike. The songs that featured Enrgy's production ended up being the most popular songs on their series along with Beats By Sav. ENRGY'S style began to gain a whole lot more traction from the exposure from this series. Then when it was all unfolding Rio dropped 'Legendary' which was produced by ENRGY. This song was like a match made in hip hop heaven. Rio spazzed on this simple, yet dark and catchy, hard driven, classic, signature ENRGY BEAT.

From there Rio and ENRGY were forever linked with the instant popularity of the song which remains a staple for what helped to define Rio and ENRGY. After many collaborations with other producers and artists both Rio and ENRGY have grown. Rio had since signed a label deal with Empire and Boyz Ent. ENRGY has grown into the sound of Flint and the architect of Flint Type Beats. His sound is being mimicked all over the music industry right now from his signature drum patterns and kicks to his unforgiving signature bells along with his haunting melodies.

With the upcoming C.O.M.B City On My Back dropping soon we have Rio and ENRGY teaming up again to continue their chemistry on music. The whole city of Flint and region of Detroit along with the rest of the Midwest is anticipating this release. This is slated to be Rio's crown jewel that is sure to catapult him further now that he has more resources from a label. This release is sure to expand ENRGY BEATS sound and brand also as ENRGY gears up to release his first project to all major platforms this spring.

All I can say is continue to witness the growth of both of these young icons and watch out for more collaborations in the future. The entire world will eventually be on the backs of Rio and ENRGY as they continue to make the brand of music they're known to make together. As Rio would say "It's onna Flo!!!"

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