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With this coronavirus has come many challenges that most of us have never encountered. Our entire way of life has changed with this virus not to mention the challenges to our entire economy. The music industry is just one of many that has slowed down with this virus.

Many artists have had their live shows cancelled which is a big blow to their bottom line. So many others that depends on this industry like promoters, stage hands, and the event workers all depend on these live shows to support themselves. These are definitely some trying times.

During these times the creatives amongst us turn the anxiety and confusion into energy through whatever medium of their choice. Producers intuitively know what to do with solitary time. These are the times where they produce their best work. Artists/writers instinctively know to set the ambiance in order to get outside of their bodies and write those classic songs.

Recording sessions during times like this will become legendary just like ENRGY and Rio Da Yung Og's most popular song. With the technology at our finger tips, everything will be documented and shared for the world to see. This will become a special time in retrospect. Many of us have never had an opportunity like this in our adult lives where we're not pushing ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves in this society. Although on the surface this coronavirus scare is a horrible thing to happen to humanity as a whole, the very definition of what humans do is adapt and learn from what we go through.

Our creativity as producers and artists will be channelled during this time while the majority of people that worked day jobs but love to create will finally have an opportunity to finish writing that song they started before starting a family. That factory worker with a desktop in his basement with dust on it will finally be able to make that dope beat he's been thinking about making for 10 years. As outrageous as this may sound to the younger creatives that have none of these variables going on, the older creatives understand fully just how life can slip away from us all the while trying to maintain a certain level of stability to our lives.

Through it all take this opportunity to assess your lives in reference to your creativity all the while channelling every obstacle and every triumph. Use this precious time during this coronavirus scare to do whatever you need to do in order to break into this business of music.

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