Flint Type Beats

The Enrgy Beats sound started on April 4, 2001 with the birth of Marlon L. Brown, Jr. From birth he was surrounded by music and by the age of 3 years old he began producing. He started making music on PlayStation 1 with the video game MTV Music Generator. By the age of five he was using Fruity Loops 3. Since then he has produced thousands of beats. He studied under his father who was a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration. He learned how to sample first. Then learned to add his own style to the samples. He then learned and mastered his signature drum style and lastly he learned how to sequence. He followed the popular styles of the day. Influenced heavily by the drill scene of Chicago and the trap sound of Atlanta and most notably by the trap scene of Detroit. He has an innovative sound that meshes all of those sounds together with his signature bells. His sound is hard driven, fast paced, and unrelenting. From all of this the Flint Type beats was created. Stay tuned to this tide because this is only the first of countless waves that Enrgy will create.

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