The Business of Music

It's just one of things. You are in your zone. You have just found the perfect melody to go with your drums now you are ready to sequence. You can't be stopped. All you're are thinking about is showcasing your new beat on IG to see how much response you can get. Then as with every post you make with your music your DM start going off the hook with "What's your Cashapp?" or "How much for that?", it never fails.

But what you failed to do was getting prepared for selling your music on the business side. You didn't create a disclaimer to go with your beats when you solicit them to artist you want to work with. You didn't create an agreement to go along with your beats. You never even knew about publishing in the first place to know you needed a split sheet to share with artist.

This is so common and it seems to go hand in hand with the best producers out simply because there is more of a demand for their music and they usually learn real quick that the business is more important than the music. In this era of instant consumption of the music via the streaming platforms, instant pay with Distrokid, and instant props from social media, it often goes overlooked that you can instantly take care of your copyrights and publishing.

There is no excuse anymore but if you're not used to doing any of these things you won't know how easy and important it is to do these things!!! If you don't do these things it's almost like you created those dope beats for nothing. If you haven't educated yourself on the business of music all you have to do is google what you want to learn. If you are too caught up in the creative process and know you need to learn but feel like you don't have the time at least enlist someone you trust to help you with the inside and outs of this business of music.

If you think the artist and their management is going look out for you then you are sadly mistaken. Most will take advantage of you because they aren't obligated to help you so they won't. If you start of doing business you will reap the rewards that comes from doing business. Think business first and music last.

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